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  1. Carefully remove first lash from lash tray.
  2. Hold lash to your eye and measure whether lash should be trimmed. Use tip of scissors to cut.
  3. Take edges of your lash and bend them in a U shape.
  4. Apply lash adhesive along lash band and allow glue to sit for about 30 seconds or until glue becomes tacky.
  5. Curl your eyelashes.
  6. Use tweezers, eyelash applicator or hands to place lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, start from center, then inner, then outer side.
  7. Apply mascara (optional) and/or apply liner to fill in any gaps.

(Application instruction is included in all lash orders.)

Eyelash adhesive is NOT included in your purchase. However, we do sell eyelash adhesive separately. Please visit our Tools collection at https://www.treschiccosmetics.com/collections/tools-and-accessories.

With proper care, our mink lashes can be worn up to 25 times! and our faux mink lashes... while we can't promise a number, the general rule of thumb (with any falsies), is to always dab some makeup remover and run it along the lash band until the glue dissolves, then continue to remove any remnants of the glue to keep them going strong. (TIP: Whenever you "undress" your eyes, remember to (1) gently remove the glue from your false lashes with makeup remover and (2) Store them back in their tray to maintain their natural shape.)

There are a couple of basic ways to remove your lashes, and tugging is NOT one of them! First, try removing one false eyelash by securely holding the lash at its base and, beginning at the outer corner, gently pull the lash towards the direction of your tear duct. Repeat this process with the other eye. Your false lashes should come off without much effort or discomfort when the lash is applied properly and not applied to your natural lash. If you are having slight difficulty with your lash removal, simply dab a non-oil based makeup remover onto the lash adhesive along your lash line with a cotton swab. After the adhesive has fully softened, lift the outer corner of the lash band and gently pull the lash inwards towards your tear duct.

Always store your lashes in their beautiful box. This will help keep the shape and ensure they are dust free. Do not sleep with them on and avoid getting them wet. To remove visible glue build up on the band, GENTLY pull away the glue (A tweezer works great!) However, avoid doing this step too often or too harshly as it may result in tearing the band. Do not apply mascara to the lashes. Do it before you apply them so they blend better with your natural lashes. 


No! Our lashes are 100% cruelty free. Obtained by gently brushing live animals, and is sterilized before being hand-assembled into a durable, high quality finished product.

Simply put, Faux Mink is a premium type of synthetic lash that was intended to mimic the quality and fineness of real Mink Lashes. It's a vegan friendly option that is made from plastic fibres, although the technology has improved over the years to make them look more natural than before.


Depending on the brand of faux mink lashes you try, each could have their own construction method, some of them may not use a soft band, and make their entire lash out of plastic, therefore it would be stiffer and harder to apply than those made with a softer material, such as cotton. It's a case of trial and error.

Synthetic lashes also tend to have slightly more sheen than real mink hair, it's ever so slightly noticeable, but unless you're walking down the red carpet catching strobe lights during Oscars season, no-one will even notice.


From our experience, faux mink lashes are definitely reusable.